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  • Scotch Bonnet Records Podcast #9

    05/08/2015 Duración: 49min Here is our 9th installment of our podcast series recorded live on Walk n Skank radio with fresh tunes taken from the record shop shelves. Check Walk n Skank radio every Thursday at 8pm GMT on Subcity or Dubforce. Tracklist: 1. Walk n Skank Intro 2. Junior Soul - Glendevon special - Crystal Records / Dubstore 3. The Hempolics - Love to sing (Mungo’s Hi Fi & Solo Banton remix) - Scotch Bonnet 4. Peter Youthman - Mandela - Jahspora 5. Vivian Jones - Physical - Digi-kal 6. Yami Bolo - Jah is the fire (Russ D remix) - Blank 7. Cocoa tea - Must get a blie - Ital International Records 8. Ninjaman - Mungo’s Hi Fi Dubplate 9. Marga - Who come first - Reality Shock 10. Jack Sparrow - Pula Riddim - Deep Medi Musik 11. Mungo’s Hi Fi - Ganja smoke remix 12. Jacky Murda & Tuffist vs Levi Roots & Mikal Rose - Cool Me Off - Moonshine 13. Heights & Worship ft Carlton Livingston - Crucify me - Zamzam 14. Jack Sparrow - Hold & Pull - Deep Medi Musik 15. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Su

  • Scotch Bonnet Records Podcast #8

    28/05/2015 Duración: 01h01min Albert Malawi - Children of the emperor - Uprising Luciano & Beres Hammond - No gabbon - Xterminator Anthony Johnson - We rule - Tuff Scout Sugar Minott - Come again - SMP Adam Prescott ft Johnny Osbourne - Dubplate medley - LionDub Adam Prescott ft Pad Anthony - Murder - LionDub Dreadsquad ft Kojo Neatness - Boom sound - Superfly Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Earl 16 - International Roots (LD remix) - Dub Police Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Black Warrior - Buffalo Soldier - Scotch Bonnet Records Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Jennifer Barrett - Cut out the hatred - Scotch Bonnet Records Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Charlie P - Society - Scotch Bonnet Records Thelem & T-man - Bring me down - Innamind Gantz ft Rider Shafique - Rock star - Deep Medi Roger Robinson - Ashes to fire - Jahtari Samson Sounds - Dzudzuana - Pollen Dubdadda - Revival dub - Moonshine Recordings Ishan Sound - Triplets power - Peng Sound Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Charlie P - Music politics - Scotch Bonnet Records Mr Williamz - Haffi bun - Lion's Den Roger Robinson - Wheel

  • Scotch Bonnet Records Podcast #7

    19/03/2015 Duración: 53min Junior Dread - No war - Reality Shock Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Cornel Campbell - Jah say love (Aquarius remix) - Scotch Bonnet Records Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Soom T - I need weed - Scotch Bonnet Records Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Kenny Knots - Sweet meditation - Scotch Bonnet Records OBF ft Mr Williamz - Mandela - OBF Records Ramon Judah - Signs - Mighty Oak Production Max Romeo - Woi woi - Partial Records Solo Banton - Reggae recipe - Reality Shock Jah Screechy - Walk n skank - Reality Shock Iron Dubz ft. Purpleman - Dance ram - Iron Dubz Maffi ft. Mr Williamz - Dancehall hobby - Maffi Daddy Freddie - Long way - Colonel Mustard Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Charlie P - That is life - Dubplate Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Marina P - Chinatown - My Homeys Chuck Turner - A no me she love - Jammy’s Danny Red - Program - Digi-Tal Solo Banton - Outa control - Digi-Tal Damalistik ft YT - Leave I alone - Scotch Bonnet Records Face & Sheenyboo - Dangerous - Colonel Mustard Pupajim - UFO (Bim One Productions remix) - Maffi Mungo’s Hi Fi f

  • Scotch Bonnet Records Podcast #6 - Live with Jah Screechy & Speng Bond

    19/01/2015 Duración: 01h08min Scotch Bonnet present their shop’s freshest represses and brand new vinyl releases with Jah Screechy and Speng Bond live on Mungo’s Hi Fi Soundsystem in Plymouth, 16th January 2015 No Ice Cream Sound Promotion, Plymouth Dirty South Photography Tracklist: Singer Blue - Jah make we - Roots music 10" OBF feat. Danman - Kally weed - Dubquake LP Jah9 - Steamers a Bubble - Hit Bound 7” Michael Palmer - Different strokes - Tasha 7” Midnight Riders - Wanted - Tasha 7” B-no ft Trevor Junior - People Are Changing - Cubiculo 12” Echo Minott - Fire A Go Burn - Bentback Records 12” Danny T & Tradesman ft Ranking Levy - Money trouble - Pure Niceness 12" Chaka Demus - Original Kuff - Jammys/Dubstore 7” Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Shanti D - Dubplate Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Little John - Dubplate Part2style ft Solo Banton - Sleeping lion - Future ragga 7” Part2style ft Tippa Irie - Raggamuffin (Danny T & Tradesman remix) - Future Ragga Benny Page ft Assassin - Champion sound (Mungo’s H

  • Scotch Bonnet Records Podcast #5 - Best of 2014 Pt.2

    19/12/2014 Duración: 54min Following the first episode, this one is more digital and electronic music oriented, starting with a very special track already announcing 2015 like an interesting year... Artwork by Maya Mitten Tracklist: Stand High Patrol - Sleep on it - Stand High Records Steve Knight - Woman a problem - Tasha Mr Williamz - Pull over - Pure Niceness Records The stinger - Scrub a Dub Solo Banton - Dancehall School - Scotch Bonnet Records 7Ft Soundsystem - Shut yu mouth - Jahtari Taggy Matcher and LMK - My man - Stix Chronixx - Here comes trouble - Chronixx Music Don Hickey - Let’s co-operate - Harmodio Chronicle - My god is real - Massive B Devon Clark - Stop the war - Massive B Naram ft Jah Screechy - MC magic - Jahtari Subactive ft Speng Bond - Pepper dem - Scotch Bonnet Subactive ft Parly B - Hot like pepper - Scotch Bonnet Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Mr Williamz - Knight rider style - Dubplate Tradesman ft Parly B - Style - Scotch Bonnet Records Kalbata - Congo beat the drum -

  • Scotch Bonnet Records Podcast #4 - Best of 2014 Pt.1

    12/12/2014 Duración: 43min 2014 has been a brilliant year for reggae music to us so we've decided to compile our favourites new tunes and quality reissues in a series of podcasts. Here is the first one dedicated to Roots & Stepper, the second one will follow in the next days... Artwork by Maya Mitten Tracklist: Carlton Jackson - History - Black Art Captain Sinbad - Sinbad and the eye of the tiger - Greensleeves John Holt - Police in helicopter - Greensleeves Michael Palmer - Cool nuh - Rootikal Anthony Johnson - We rule - Tuff Scout Stalawa - Different style ft. Ponchita Peligros - Foreign Mind Records Tour De Force - a little bit more ft. Jay Spaker - Dub Stuy Dub Conductor - Leave all things ft. Bunnington Judah Dub Conductor - Can you hear it ft. Sis I Leen Dub Conductor - Jah no dead ft. Danman Dubkasm - Victory Dubkasm - Jah victory ft. Luciano Kanka - Disconnect yourself ft YT - Dubalistik Gorgon sound - Find Jah way - Peng Sound Mungo’s Hi Fi - Rules of the dance ft. Charlie

  • Mungo's Hi Fi - 2014 Studio Mix

    03/04/2014 Duración: 38min To celebrate the release of "Prince Fatty vs Mungo's Hi Fi" album, we dug deep in the studio to make a mix of 100% studio productions to keep on the dubplate pressure! Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Ruben Da Silva - Overcome all (Dubplate) Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Charlie P - Skidip (Dubplate) Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Dixie Peach & African Simba - Leave the oil (Scotch Bonnet) Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Tippa Irie - Ruff mi tuff (Dubplate mix) Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. YT - Scotland Story (Dubplate) Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Dawn Penn - No no no (Dubplate) The stinger (Scrub a Dub) Prince Fatty - For me you are ft. Hollie Cook & Horseman(Mungo’s Hi Fi remix) Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Mr Williamz - Musically mad (Scotch Bonnet) Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Sugar Minott - Scrub a dub style (Heavenless dubplate mix) Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Daddy Freddy - War (Dubplate) Prince Fatty ft. Holly Cook - Sugarwater (Mungo’s rub a dub dub) Prince Fatty ft. Holly Cook - Sugarwater (Mungo’s sugar sleng mix) Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. YT - Reggae saved mi life (Dub

  • Scotch Bonnet Records Podcast #3

    19/03/2014 Duración: 55min Speng Bond - 001 - Reality Shock Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Marina P - Divorce a l’italienne (Prince Fatty mix) - Mr Bongo Carlton & His Shoes - Forever and always - Leggo Sounds Records / DKR Stand High Patrol - Unemployed - Stand High Rec Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Wailing Souls - Bandits Dubplate Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Kenny Knots - Sweet meditation - Scotch Bonnet Records Subactive ft. Marina P - Can’t catch we - Scotch Bonnet Records Jazzy Lei - Change - Dub Livity JahYu - Chuno Kinte - Trigram Weeding Dub ft. Inja - Judgement - Dubquake Gorgon Sound - Jah Way - Peng Sound The Stinger - Scrub a Dub Prince Fatty ft. Hollie Cook & Horseman - For me you are (Mungo’s Hi Fi mix) - Mr Bongo Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Fox & Skittles - Dubplate Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Brother Culture - Ruff mi talker (Dubplate mix) Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Daddy Freddy - Dread in a the armagideon - Scotch Bonnet Records Joseph Cotton - Gone a town - KPC Maffi ft. Mr Williams - Sit down steady - Jahtari Sandeeno - Either

  • Scotch Bonnet Records Podcast #2 - Special Singers

    15/01/2014 Duración: 42min

    New selection with tunes taken from the records shelves 1. Merva Grier - Feeling like a million (Iroko) 2. Freddy Mckay - Hey Stranger (Iroko) 3. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Shanti D - Midnight rock (Dubplate) 4. Mikey Dread - Midnight rock version 5. Michael Palmer - She Sexy (Spring Hill Records) 6. Radikal Guru ft. YT - Stay Calm (Moonshine) 7. Monkey Marc - Dancehall fraud version (Digikillaz) 8. Dem Stylee (Forthcoming white label) 9. Everton Chambers - Backative (Fast Forward) 10. Johnny Osbourne - Can’t take the pressure (Forthcoming Bent Back Records) 11. Can’t take the dub (Forthcoming Bent Back Records) 12. Roland Burrell - Don’t think about tomorrow (Park Heights/Deadly Dragon) 13. Earl Cunningham - Cool profile (Rusty International/Rootikal) 14. Michael Palmer - Brown skin girl (Early Days Records) 15. Trevor Junior - Music is magic (Early Days Records) 16. Version (Early Days Records) 17. Roman Stewart - Modellers (Park Heights/Deadly Dragon) 18. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Soom T - 31st ce

  • Scotch Bonnet Records Podcast #1

    05/12/2013 Duración: 44min

    Most of these records can be found in the shop Tracklist: Max Romeo - Melt away (Da1Yah Records) Dub Kete (Da1Yah Records) Prince Fatty ft. Cian Finn - Precious thing Rootah ft. Marina P - Free me (Homeys Records) Rootah ft. Mikey Murka - Get it already (Scotch Bonnet Records) Dub Smugglers ft. Super Four - Thanks & praise (Dub Smugglers Sound System) Alpha & Omega ft. Reuben Master - The Eagle, the dragon & the bear (Jofis And The Mighty Oak) Sluggy Ranks - Nah bow down (Liondub 45) Macka B - Another soldier (Legal Shot Soundsystem) Dub Design - Soljah dub (Melodica Cut) Tradesman ft. Charlie P - Stand firm (Reggae Roast) Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Brother Culture - Changes (Scotch Bonnet Records) Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Lady Ann - Sound get a beating (Scotch Bonnet Records) Speng Bond - White horse (Maffi) Jahtari ft. Paul St. Hilaire - Who goes there (Jahtari) Wayne Smith - E20 (Greensleeves) Horseman - Horsemove (Mr Bongo) Don Angelo - General (Channel 1) Mix Down Style Version (Channel 1) T

  • Deadly Dragon Repress Mix - Podcast #0

    16/03/2011 Duración: 34min

    Our pals at Deadly Dragon in New York have kindly allowed us to sell their killer represses. In case you haven't heard about them, they are the dons of rare, original vinyls from ska to digital. Well worth a check Here is a mix of all the hand-picked titles available at As far as we know Scotch Bonnet is the only other shop in the world you can get these represses and they are extremely limited so don't sleep on it! Here is the playlist: Simple Simon - Christopher Columbus (Stryker Lee/Deadly Dragon) Simple Simon - Revolution Fighters (Stryker Lee/Deadly Dragon) Roland Burrel - Don't Think About Tomorrow ( Park Heights/Deadly Dragon) Jah Roots - Gone A Foreign (Duke/Deadly Dragon) Jah Roots & Biggy Ranks - Clean Up Your Kingdom (Duke/Deadly Dragon) Rolex - Tell Me Teacher (Duke/Deadly Dragon) Icho Candy - Bloodsucker (Ujama/Deadly Dragon) Sleepy Wonder & Jango - Fade Away (Park Heights/Deadly Dragon) Papa San - Perdeminent (Dennis Star Intl/Dea

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