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For all the people who are on good techno music are in the right place ... enjoy the sounds Every 3 weeks I present to you a new mix from different Djs !!


  • Vébrua (Oct|2013)

    13/10/2013 Duración: 01h51s

    It is Sunday the October 13th and Klark Kennt Podcast is back and presents Vébrua from Cologne, Germany !!! Biography: Es gibt viele böse Adjektive, mit denen man den Sound der beiden Jungs beschreiben könnte. Dennoch, strahlen Sie etwas aus, was die Leute jedes mal bei Live-Gigs mitreißt und nicht mehr loslässt. Bekannte Dj's aus der Szene wie Silvano Scarpetta(Sound of Techno//Brachial Kontakt) oder Christian Kliché (RheinTime // Steil) sind begeistert von ihrem Sound und unterstützen die beiden Newcomer. Sie haben Podcasts national (Klark Kennt Podcast) wie auch international (ArtStyle: Techno, Hungary) released. Im legendären Butan-Club gewannen Sie den Newcomer-Contest bereits 2x und haben sich dort einen Namen gemacht. Booking Requests: "vebrua.bookings@web.de"

  • Fresh Otis (Sep|2013)

    29/09/2013 Duración: 02h01min

    Hello, its Klark Kennt Podcast on September 29th, presenting once again a refreshing Mix of Sounds. Todays Artist is Fresh Otis . Booking: booking@freshotis.at Homepage: www.freshotis.at Soundcloud: @sairkarna Playlist: 01. Niereich&A-Brothers-Trinity Test (Fresh Otis rmx) 02. Sahin Laselle und Florian Freisberg-Klangspektakel (Fresh Otis remix) 03. Balkonkind-Fotzenknecht Fresh Otis rmx 04. Fresh Lugubrious Otis -and now i get stoned 05. Fresh Lugubrious Otis -DeepDark n Dirty 06. Myt-planets and coulors (Fresh Otis 0190-666remix) 07. Fresh Lugubrious Otis -Take a sip from the little brown bottle 08. Drumcell-drumcell-disturbance_(original_mix) 09. Drumcell-rooted_resentment_(original_mix) 10. Myles Serg - Distorted Reality (Lee Holman Remix) 11. Mark_Morris_-_Corpo (original mix) 12. Koach-Happy Cow (Original Mix) 13. Trancesetters - The Search(Christian Smith Remix) 14. Israel Toledo - The Ungrateful Dog (Electrorites Remix) 15. Electrorites - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (Original Mix) 16. Mi

  • Balkonkind (Sep|2013)

    15/09/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    3 weeks have passed and Klark Kennt Podcast Berlin is back and presents a refreshing Mix of Sounds!! Todays Artist is Balkonkind! Balkonkind is a production definition of an artist who has been growing over the past years Balkonkind aka Peter Nöbauer was born in Steyr/Upper Austria in the Year 1971. in the beginning he was listening some strange punk and independence music like the mission , fields of the nephilim, sister of mercy but at the beginning of the 90´s he was infected with electronic music and shakes his ass every Friday at the legendary club nova. from this time Techno is his life.... One Day on a long Afterhour he bought his first turntables and began Djing In 2009 he began to producing his own music to bring some different stuff out to the world. 2010 was an amazing year for Balkonkind. He got his first releases on Eyecatcher Recordings, Endemic Digital, Rough Rabbit Recordings and Herzschlag Recordings. His Track Techno Terrorist was at Rank 6 on the Dj Download charts. 2011 the next releases f

  • Gleis 5 (Aug|2013)

    25/08/2013 Duración: 59min

    Hello,its Klark Kennt Podcast on August 25th,presenting once again a refreshing Mix of Sounds. Todays Artist is Gleis 5 !! Playlist: 01. Mika - The Bells of Death (Original Mix) 02. Kevin - Call Zombies (Original Mix) 03. A Paul&Dolby D - Untouched (orginal Mix) 04. Andre Walter Stigmata - Latah (Original Mix) 05. Michael Schwarz - Function_Ryuji (Takeuchi Remix) 06. Brian Burger - Warhammer (Original Mix) 07. Andre Walter Stigmata - Invest (Original Mix) 08. Denis Underground - Bunker (Orginal Mix) 09. DJ Hi Shock - Mental Power Original-Mix 10. Dorian Knox - GroundZero (Gabeen Remix) 11. Ronny Vergara - Manager in Progress - (Orginal Mix) 12. Dolby D, Feyser - Slave Audio (Tom Eirh Remix) 13. Technoyzer - Quantum Energy (A-Brothers Remix) 14. DJ Hi-Shock - divine intervention (Original Mix) 15. Yari Greco - Reconnected Data (A Pauls Last Minute edit) 16. Chris Hope, Andre Walter - Histidin (Submerge-Mix) 17. Ben Sims - Straight From Bolivia (Original-Mix) contact and booking Gleis 5 Janek@St-Castor.de

  • Electric Indigo (Aug|2013)

    11/08/2013 Duración: 01h02min

    Sunny greetings from Berlin! Its August, 11th and Klark Kennt Podcast is back on air with finest beats mixed by Electric Indigo !!! Now enjoys the sounds of Electric Indigo !!! Electric Indigo, DJ, composer, musician, has performed in 36 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Her name stands for the intelligent and distinguished interpretation of techno and electronic music. Her DJ-sets are characterized by a wide variety with a clarity of vision, and a depth that only comes from a deep understanding of the music and the art of the DJ. As a composer and musician, she emphasizes the spatial-temporal placement of subtly textured sounds. She received the "outstanding artist award Musik 2012" in the field of electronic music and computer music and the national grant for composition 2013 from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture. Currently, Electric Indigo prepares a new piece for hoergeREDE together with author Olga Flor [premiere October 25] and works on her first solo album.

  • Klark Kennt [at] Niesenberger(Graz/Austria) (Jul|2013)

    28/07/2013 Duración: 01h21min

    Two weeks are over and Klark Kennt Podcast is back with a mix of myself from the Club Niesenberger in Graz/Austria from last weekend. It was a great weekend in Graz but unfortunately it was the farewell party of the Niesenberger. But now dear techno friends enjoy my podcast ... Technoooo !!!! Booking: booking@klarkkennt.de Homepage: http://www.klarkkennt.de Playlist: 01.Monoloc - HH (Original Mix) 02.Motor feat. Douglas McCarthy - The Knife (Brian Sanhaji Remix) 03.Electrorites - Battle Royale (Original Mix) 04.Frank Savio - Turboschmule (Original Mix ) 05.Mike Maass - Mindless Violence (Microcheep, Mollo Remix) 06.MicroCheep,Mollo - Massive Dynamics (Original Mix) 07.Jerome Sydenham,Function - Two Ninety One (Chris Liebing Edit) 08.Brian Sanhaji - Bad Robot Ace (Original Mix) 09.A.Mochi - Squeal (Original Mix) 10.A.Mochi - C2M (Original Mix) 11.Drumcell, Brian Sanhaji - Structure (Dub Version) 12.Plankton - Edding (Original Mix) 13.Worda - 402 (Microcheep, Mollo Remix) 14.Klark Kennt - Stratosphäre (Origin

  • Grieche (Jul|2013)

    14/07/2013 Duración: 56min

    Hello, its Klark Kennt Podcast on July 14th, presenting once again a refreshing Mix of Sounds. Todays Artist is Grieche !! Grieche is Owner & Manager on Hell Beat Limited & Silent Hell Rec. Contact and Booking: booking@hellbeat.de Playlist: 01. Klark Kennt - Kuipergürtel (Original Mix) 02. Agron Vs Grieche - Mir Doch Bums (Original Mix) 03. Bjoern Torwellen - Moscow Machines (Original Mix) 04. Frau Anke - Destination Fate (Grieche & Luix Spectrum Remix) 05. Peter Thau - Maschin Generator (Octogone Remix) 06. Klark Kennt - Andromeda (Original Mix) 07. BrettHit - BlackList (Original Mix) 08. Diatek - Devil's Chair (Grieche & Luix Spectrum Remix) 09. Monocraft - Resurrection (Octave remix) 10. O & R - Yeti Theory (Original Mix) 11. Brian Sanhaji - The Devil´s TreeSong (Xmas Free Track) 12. Andrea Giuliani & Luca Rossetti - Sabre (Octave Remix) 13. Daegon - Subcon2 (original Mix)

  • Mike Tike (Jun|2013)

    30/06/2013 Duración: 01h09min

    Hello,its Klark Kennt Podcast on June 30th,presenting once again a refreshing Mix of Sounds. Todays Artist is Mike Tike !! Since 1996 the Man with the origin in LE (Leipzig, GER) spins electronic Music. With his move to Switzerland in 2005, he now devotes his musical passion to the production of electro and techno-tracks. Early 2012 he, together with a Swiss colleague, founded the Label - Stäg - to publish tracks that crossed their path during spinning electronic music. Contact and booking: mail@mike-tike.de Playlist: 01.Lampenfieber - Performance 2013 02.Mahsling&Heidrich - Art ( Timo Heidrich Porn Mix ) 03.Workleft - Hurry Up (Original Mix) 04.A.Paul - Sonic Probe (Beat Therapy Remix) 05.Nicone&Philipp Bader - Charma Doll ( Aka Aka Remix) 06.Redhead - Black Mornings (Original Mix) 07.Matan Caspi - Dont do it (Gaga Remix) 08.Sam Paganini - Back to Zero (Original Mix) 09.Wolfgang Gartner - The grey Agenda (Original Mix) 10.Bigalke&Sunset - The Fact (Original Mix) 11.Angy Core - Tavor (Original Mix) 12.Pasqal

  • Montana (Jun|2013)

    16/06/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    Sunny greetings from Berlin! Its June, 16th and Klark Kennt Podcast is back on air with finest beats mixed by Montana .The Mix is from last weekend from Mira Club in Greifswald! Biografie: Montana… From Neubrandenburg, Germany, Montana has been Dj since 2010 and has been working hard to improve his skills. His signature sound is a well-crafted blend of driving, dark, heavy hitting techno.first he Played at Home for fun, but then he got some small gigs, mostly private parties and birthdays. From this point on he realised how much enjoyment he got from seeing others dancing to his sounds. Through his friendship with David Brixx realized that he wanted to follow his passion for music as it got stronger. Contact and Booking Montana vodou-digitals.wix.com/vodou-digitals Playlist: 01. Acensor-Dark Energy Kai Randy Michel Remix 02. Cabarete Groove-Tourettes Syndrome Cabaretes 2.4 Rework 03. Peat Noise-Maya 12 A Brothers Remix 04. DKult - The Book Of DKult 05. Diarmaid O Meara-Is It Raw Acensor Remix 06. Cabarete

  • Nico Ramirez (Jun|2013)

    02/06/2013 Duración: 58min

    It is Sunday the 02th of June 2013 and the Klark Kennt Podcast present Nico Ramirez from Kassel, Germany !!! Nico has a own Music Label Nimo Recording and his Label-Partner Mo and Nico grounded the Label in 2012 with the mission to share the Listening of our live recorded Studio Mix Productions our private Royal Selections of wonderful Techhouse Music in the Mix! Nico began to produce in 2000 after growing up in Stammheim Kassel over seven very nice years of Party and Impression with the best Djs in the world yeah here a few of the Gods on Turntables Major Rush,Carola,Hawtin,Liebing,Karotte,Der dritte Raum... and the Residency God Bless Them Piere, Marky, Norman, Bine and Chi. All the Mixes you can Hear on our Accounts are the Products of so many years organisation and work in Studio. Nico work with Pc, High End Amplifier Cambridge Audio.-), High End Boxes Kirksaeter Gold Tower Edition - A Philosophy of Better Sound.-), Behringer Djx 700 and two Jaytec Cd 40 Toplader. He love these Deep Äcid House Productions

  • MØRK (May|2013)

    19/05/2013 Duración: 59min

    It is Sunday the 19th of May 2013 and the Klark Kennt Podcast present MØRK from Amsterdam, Netherlands!! He was young he didn't had so much with music in the first place, he couldn't concentrate enough to understand it. The love for music came when he was going to Middle school he listened to everything from jazz to electronic music. He started playing records in the summer of 2011, starting with just his poor logitech computer boxes with 128 bpm four to the floor basic techno. When he turned 18 he got more interested in music in general, reading about it and watching loads of Youtube movies and documentaries. In 2013 he started to get in music DAW's like ableton and logic. Now he's into much deeper techno with complex rhythms and hypnotic synths. His sound is influenced by: Oscar Mulero, Reeko, Surgeon, Forward Strategy Group Etc. For more info and booking contact: mork.artist@gmail.com Playlist: 01. Orphx – Outcast 02. Subjected - 2 tool I 03. Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search – Five 002 04. Redshape - Focus

  • Klark Kennt (May|2013)

    05/05/2013 Duración: 01h27min

    It is a beautiful and sunny Sunday the 05th of May 2013 and the Klark Kennt Podcast presents a Mix of myself, you can expect a pure Techno Mix, enjoy! Playlist: 01. Chemera - The Drop (Original Mix) 02. A. Mochi - C2M (Original Mix) 03. Drumcell,Brian Sanhaji - Structure (Dub Version) 04. Michael Klein - Concept (Original Mix) 05. Kazuya Kawakami - Haunt (Original Mix) 06. Plankton - Edding (Original Mix) 07. Manuel Pisu - Double (Mike Maass Remix) 08. Dolby D. - The Cat (Jonathann Remix) 09. Elbodrop - Anonymous (Microcheep & Mollo Remix) 10. Florian Meindl - Night Hawk (Original Mix) 11. A.Mochi - Squeal 3 (Original Mix) 12. Klark Kennt - Kernfusion (Original Mix) 13. Microcheep,Mollo,Mike Maass - Code Seven (Original Mix) 14. Snello - Darkside (Tom Laws Remix) 15. Microcheep & Mollo - Phobos (Original Mix) 16. Klark Kennt - Infiziert (Original Mix)

  • Wuillermo Tuff - Techno Stuff (April|2013)

    21/04/2013 Duración: 59min

    It is Sunday the 21th of April 2013 and the Klark Kennt Podcast presents Wuillermo Tuff from Guatemala / South America !! Wuillermo Tuff is a Techno and Minimal producer, from Guatemala city, he has techno and minimal style, started in 2009 as a producer, with hard sounds, making his own bassline strong style, great percussions, and awesome grooves, born his techno style, Jose Guillermo Chen Known as Wuillermo Tuff in this scene better known as techno style. Booking and remix request: wuillermotuff@hotmail.com Playlist: 01. Techno Stuff Intro 02. Egoism - Science Park 03. Bazu - Just Clap 04. Wuillermo Tuff - Guatemala (Rodrigo Diaz Remix) 05. Wuillermo Tuff - Rey Helado 06. Mark Dekoda - Crack 07. Elay Lazutkin - Crack 08. Wuillermo Tuff - Beyond (Dickson & Hill Remix) 09. Tesla - Thor (Andrea Roma Remix) 10. Go Wild - Thunderball (Tesla Remix) 11. Deep Voice – Wait For It 12. Phunk Investigation - Disko Boost 13. Josh Bartoli - Backspace 14. Kirill Okrut - Out At Night

  • Klark Kennt & Erler (April|2013)

    07/04/2013 Duración: 02h02min

    Its Sunday the 07th of April 2013 and the Klark Kennt Podcast present Klark Kennt & Erler from Germany/Berlin .....enjoy !!! Playlist: 01. Matador(IE) - Kingswing (Original Mix) 02. Motor - The Knife (feat. Douglas McCarthy) 03. Klark Kennt - Kernfusion (Original Mix) --> Coming out Soon 04. Klark Kennt - Atomarer Sturm (Original Mix) --> Coming out Soon 05. Traversable Wormhole - Transducer (Brian Sanhaji Remix) 06. Andre Walter, Stigmata - Big Rip (Original Mix)) 07. AnGy KoRe - Aktivate (Khainz Rmx) 08. Klark Kennt - Apophis (Original Mix) --> Coming out Soon 09. Klark Kennt - Kuipergürtel (Original Mix) 10. Static Sense - Flower of Chernobyl (Mike Maass Remix) 11. DJ Emerson - Rubberband (Brian Sanhaji Remix) 12. Halm,Witt - Merciles Trasching (Original Mix) 13. Klark Kennt - Stratosphäre (Original Mix) 14. Klark Kennt & Erler - Helium (Original Mix) --> Coming out Soon 15. Klark Kennt & Grieche - Dunkle Materie (Original Mix) 16. Mike Maass - Mindless Violence (Microcheep & Molle Remix) 17. Mondkopf

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