52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles Cultivate a Simpler, Slower, More Love-Filled Life

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Find the path to inner peace through a weekly guide of spiritual meditations and positive affirmations.

Use Karen Casey's fifty-two positive affirmations and meditations to find inner peace. We all face struggles that can leave us feeling broken and hopeless. But peace and healing are always available to us if we are open to them. In this inspirational book, Karen takes listeners on a journey towards peaceful living by sharing how she has found serenity in her own life. Karen teaches listeners that the goal is not perfection, but rather progress towards creating a life of love and peace.

Cultivate a simpler, slower, more love-filled life. When Karen Casey was struggling with addiction, she found life-changing inspiration in Helen Schucman's book, A Course in Miracles. In 52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles, she shares the ideas she discovered in Helen Schucman's book and the spirituality that we can all bring to our own lives.

Find inside:

● Meditations and affirmations that lead to a simpler, slower life

● Insights into Helen Schucman's A Course in Miracles

● Stories of the author's own struggles and triumphs on her path to healing


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