Integrative Sex & Couples Therapy A Therapist's Guide to New and Innovative Approaches

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Throughout her thirty-year career, Dr. Tammy Nelson found that couples therapists have traditionally been taught little about sex therapy, and sex therapists have minimal education in relationship systems. This leaves clinicians searching for more interventions for both couples and sexuality. To bridge the gap, Dr. Nelson, relationship expert and board-certified sexologist, has gathered the top authorities in the field of integrative treatment to create this groundbreaking book for all therapists looking for a comprehensive treatment resource.

Featuring new approaches combining sex therapy and relationship counseling, Integrative Sex & Couples Therapy brings treatment skills into practice, with real-world experiences, interventions, techniques, strategies, and case examples. Topics include: Biopsychosocial Approach, Sexual Medicine Model, Imago Relationship Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Trauma and Group Therapy Intersectionality, Kink Competence, Art Therapy, Somatic Interventions, LGB(Trans)QIA, Nutri-Sexual Health, Alternative Mindfulness, and Future of Sex.