White Wedding

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When the son of an infamous kidnapper gets abducted, nobody is safe.

Alex Mercer could use a break. But, as usual, he can't catch one. He's overburdened with best man duties, familial changes, and work obligations. The three responsibilities collide when his daughter's boyfriend is taken, his best friend is targeted, and officers and agents go missing. He knows there must be a link, but he's the only common denominator—a fact that doesn't bode well for job security. Or his loved ones' safety.

On top of all that, another teen is missing, and Alex lands the case. But this time, the kid is a suspect in a double homicide. He's on the run, and the cops have no leads.

One little town shouldn't have so many big problems. Alex is in the middle of all of them, and he's running out of time . . .


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