Spanish Phrases For Beginners This Book Includes: Learn Spanish Phrases for Beginners Volume I, II, III, IV, V, and VI

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If you are looking into learning Spanish in a fast, simple way without entering a classroom then you have chosen the perfect book. Spanish Phrases for Beginners is a comprehensive and simple program for learning Spanish with fast, simple, and interactive lessons. With this book you will learn Spanish phrases for beginners through lessons that will help you develop your vocabulary and teach you how to communicate and hold short conversations.

Inside You Will Find

  • How to greet people, ask how they are, describe people in your family, and answer questions about yourself, as well as how to introduce yourself to others
  • The language of numbers, how to tell time, ask for prices, and set a schedule
  • How to talk about food, food vocabulary, going to restaurants and to the grocery store
  • How to ask where things are and understand directions so you can get to different places and talk about tourism
  • How to use public transportation to be able to move around a Spanish-speaking city or help Spanish-speaking people navigate English-speaking cities
  • How to go on blind dates and answer questions and hold short conversations
  • How to use regular and irregular verbs, make sentences with native-like fluency
  • Learn quick Spanish, understand vocabulary and interactions, and learn correct pronunciation with these simple audio lessons
  • And many more!

Get this book NOW and embrace these simple, yet effective language lessons that will have you speaking Spanish like a native in no time!


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