Dark Legend

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The Dark Legend of Dunbar Manor terrified Ann Randall.  How long could she endure its horrifying attacks on her sanity - and her life?

Dunbar Manor had always been a place of fear for Ann Randall.  Years ago her mother had been killed there by a black-hooded figure who escaped capture.  There were those who said that the phantom-like "thing" still roamed the eerie grounds at the dark of the moon.

Ann had never expected to return to Dunbar Manor.  But one night she awoke in one of its shadowy rooms, her money gone, to find herself the fiancee of a sinister man she had never seen before!  She was informed that soon she would become the mistress of the great estate.

Struggling to remember her lost past, Ann realized that she might never live long enough to reign at Dunbar Manor.  For the evil being that took her mother's life began stalking her.....And unless she escaped, she would surely be the next victim of Dunbar Manor's DARK LEGEND!