Murder in Paradise Thirteen Mysteries from the Travels of Hercule Poirot

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Escape from isolation and broaden your horizons with this audio collection of murder mysteries by Agatha Christie, read by David Suchet, television’s iconic Poirot for more than two decades.

Train journeys through rolling countryside and cruises across the open ocean might sound like paradise, but when murder strikes mid-journey, they’re anything but. Even on vacation, tensions can bubble beneath the surface, and when the end of the line leads to murder, everyone’s a suspect.

·The Plymouth Express
·The Submarine Plans
·Problem at Sea
·How Does Your Garden Grow?
·The Market Basing Mystery
·The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan
·The Million Dollar Bond Robbery
·The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb
·The Affair at The Victory Ball
·The King of Clubs
·The Lemesurier Inheritance
·The Cornish Mystery
·The Adventure of the Clapham Cook