Tattoos & Clues Paranormal Cozy Mystery

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A beachside stroll. A deadly discovery. Will this psychic sleuth swim or sink?

Mitzy wishes she could turn a blind third-eye to her hit-or-miss powers. Instead, while taking her fiendish feline for a walk, they make a stomach-churning find on shore. Despite her loss of appetite, she can't help but get a closer look at the unique ink etched into the corpse . . .

Before she can track down the killer, Mitzy must sweet-talk her way off the sexy sheriff's suspect list. And once again her meddling Ghost-ma is dying to interfere with the case. But when the trail leads to dangerous smugglers who shoot first and don't ask questions, she could end up in over her head . . .

Can Mitzy uncover the truth, or will hers be the next body to float to the surface?


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