Keto Bread 50 Easy-to-Follow Low Carb Recipes for Your Ketogenic Diet. Win the Weight Loss Challenge with a Mouthwatering Bakery Collection. Gluten-Free Recipes Included

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You're on a Keto diet and you don't want to give up on bread?

Are you wondering if there is bread poor of carbohydrates?

The answer will be found in this audio-cookbook, listen on.

Today, it’s not just people suffering from health disorders who pursue this approach, but healthy people with diet concerns also make use of this diet. The most challenging aspect of this diet plan is desiring baked goods and desserts while restricting carb intake. We all know that all desserts and baked goods are composed of sugars, flours, and other high-carb ingredients. In order to enjoy those same flavors, we need keto-friendly substitutes. This cookbook not only provides an all-inclusive guide to find such substitutes but also brings you the best recipes to make good use of in everyday life. 

Keto bread is great. Fact. However, from what I’ve seen, it’s not much of a big deal in the keto industry now. And that’s a great shame as some of the bread recipes you can make are far tastier and more exciting than carb-bread. Traditional bread is awful. Carb content in your typical loaf of bread is incredibly high, which is possibly the worst food you can eat when following a ketogenic diet. With our keto-friendly bread recipes, each one of them is made up of less than 10 grams of carbs, ensuring that you stay in ketosis. 

Keto bread can be enjoyed with a huge variety of toppings and used as a side dish and even as an appetite suppressing snack! With a huge variety of recipes in this audiobook, you’ll likely find your ‘go to’ favorites and more than likely enjoy each and every recipe you try. 

Inside this audio-cookbook you will not only discover your favorite bread recipes, but also a whole host of exciting recipes you may have never even heard of before! 


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